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Final Offer

The company’s “Best and Final” offer

The three attachments below are paperwork relating to the company’s “best

and final” offer made to the Union’s negotiating committee on March 29,

  1. The yellow highlighted areas on the contract language pages section

are the parts that have been changed or added.

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Negotiations Update

We have just concluded our meeting today at 9:28pm. The company made

their best and final offer. The Union’s committee is not in agreement with

their offer, but we are required to bring it back to you for a vote. We will

hold an explanatory meeting in a few days and you will be given all the

details of this offer. A vote will take place in the next week or 10 days.

Your committee is not happy with this offer, but feels it would have been

even worse than it is without your support during these difficult

negotiations. We will inform you of the details about the ratification vote

when they are available.

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Negotiations Update

We met today with the company and continued to make progress towards a

new contract. We have scheduled another meeting for tomorrow.

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Negotiations Update

We are making progress today, we are still meeting with the company at the

time of this posting. We are scheduled to meet tomorrow with the company.

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Negotiations Update

I am very disappointed to report that today’s meeting took a turn for the

worse. The company backed up on a item that had previously been agreed

to on March 15. The Union’s committee felt very optimistic about the

continuing negotiations, but then came the retraction on a very important

issue by company in the afternoon session. It seems now that we are

further apart than ever.


We will meet again on Wednesday March 22, and we will have to see if they

really want a new contract or not.

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Negation Update

I would like to apologize for not posting an update yesterday about our

negotiations, but it was a very busy day. Also, I want to thank all of the

members who attended the regular Union Mtg. last night, there was a great

turnout. Today we have made meaningful progress, with that in mind we

have scheduled more dates in March. The dates are March 20, 22, 27 and

  1. Keep in mind; while at work do not allow the negotiations to become a

distraction. Following all of our safety guidelines is a paramount factor to you

and your family.


Remember Solidarity works, staying united means a stronger Union.

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Negotiation Update

We have had communications with the company concerning the

negotiations. We have scheduled a meeting with the company’s committee

on Tuesday March 14th. We are hoping they will end the stalemate

concerning the 137 jobs planned for outsourcing and elimination. However

we remain pessimistic about the company moving on this issue. With this in

mind it looks unlikely that we will have a contract in place by April 1st.

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Negotiation Update

The Local needs your help support. Please call Angie or e-mail the Union

Office to volunteer for on of the various strike committees. Signing up for

one of the following committees will enable us to argue after April 1st that

your discharge was for Union activities if the company did not have just

cause to fire you. After April 1st the company might refuse to arbitrate





Pickett Line Committee

State and Local Politicians Committee

Temporary Work Committee

Financial Aid Committee

Media Relations Committee

Public Relations Committee

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Negotiation Stalled

Your negotiating committee has requested twice that the company provide

us with the details of the 137 jobs they intend to eliminate. We specifically

requested the number of employees they wanted to get rid of at each

power plant, and in each classification. The company has refused to

provide us with this information, and told us they did not have those

details. We have now learned that while they were refusing to comply with

our legal request for information, they were giving these very same details

to employees in some power plants. In our opinion these actions are

illegal, and we will file unfair labor practice charges with the federal



Unfortunately, this company tactic tells us that they are attempting to go

around your committee, and deal directly with the employees. It is now

obvious your committee will not agree to the greedy elimination of jobs,

and then replacing those jobs with cheap contractors. Apparently, the

company believes they can get you to agree to what we will not.


The legal process of trying to get the company to bargain in good faith will

take months, possibly years. We must prepare ourselves for a very long

battle. Remember, the company wants to get rid of every one of us if they

can and find any contractor to do the work cheaper. They are fighting for

their bigger bonuses, and stock options. We are fighting for the ability to

feed our families, and have some small amount of dignity in the workplace.

Please stay informed and stay united.

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Negotiations Update

First of all I would like to thank the over 150 members who attended last

night regular monthly meeting. The turnout was great, and their support for

the negotiating committee was greatly appreciated. Union and company

met today, there was some progress on minor issues, but the major

problems still remain unresolved. It still looks like our contract will expire

on April 1st with no new contract. We have two meetings scheduled for

next week.

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