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Notice to all Members at W.C. Beckjord Station

Brother Kevin Walriven has resigned his position as a member of the

Local Union 1347 Executive Board on June 30, 2006. This position

will be filled at the Executive Board meeting on Tuesday, August 22,

  1. Any member in good standing from Beckjord Station interested

in filling the remaining portion of his term should send a letter to the

Executive Board Chairman Dan Amshoff. This letter should state that

you would accept the nomination to fill the vacancy. The letter should

be sent or faxed to the Union Office before 08/22/06.

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Your Chance to do Something About Health Care

Congress wants to know how you would
for all Americans. Tell them what you think
when the national dialogue on health care
comes to Cincinnati on April 29th.


Saturday, April 29, 2006
8:30am to 2:00pm
Cinergy Center| 525 Elm Street
Downtown Cincinnati

Free breakfast and lunch. Free child care. Free parking
Space is limited
Contact Bill Schramm @ 513-421-1846

Register online at or by
phone at 866-324-7949

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Contract Explanation Meetings

There seems to be some confusion about the Union explanation meetings

scheduled for tomorrow night at 7:30pm and Thursday morning at 8:30am.

As listed below these meetings are still taking place, the Wednesday night

meeting will be at the Local 647 UAW Hall (directions listed below) and the

Thursday morning meeting will be at our Union Hall. The fax that was sent

to the headquarters this morning was for changing the regular monthly

Union meeting night from Tuesday April 11 to Wednesday April 12. This was

done because of the voting dates for next week.

This week’s Schedule

The Contract Explanation Meeting will be April 5th at 7:30pm at the

UAW Hall

The Contract Explanation Meeting will be April 6th at 8:30am at our

Union Hall

Voting will be on Friday April 7 at Brecon BHE at 7:30am to 8:00pm.

Next week’s Schedule

Voting will be on Monday April 10 at Hamlet Dist at 7:30am to 8:00pm

Voting will be on Tuesday April 11at Florence Dist at 7:30am to 8:00pm

Voting will be on Wednesday April 12 at the Union Hall at 7:30am to


The regular monthly Union meeting will be on April 12th at our Hall at


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Regular Monthly Union Meeting Date Change

The regular monthly Union meeting date of Tuesday April 11, 2006, will be

changed to Wednesday April 12, 2006. The meeting will start at 7:00pm at our

Hall at 4100 Colerain Ave. Please make a note of this change. Open the

attachment below to post it on our bulletin boards.

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The Informational Demonstration at the Shareholders

Meeting was a great success!

I would like to thank all of our Members approximately 100 that attended the

demonstration this morning. Also, I would like to thank all of our Members

who requested to be off today, but were denied the time off by the

company. A big IBEW Local Union 1347 “Thank You” to the other Trade

Union Representatives who also attended. This tremendous support this

morning should send a signal to the company that we are very concerned

about their plans on outsourcing and eliminating our jobs.

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Important Meeting

Your negotiating committee will meet with the company again on February

14th and 15th. We expect to find out more about the massive reduction of

Union employees at this time. We will also continue contract discussions.

This Tuesday evening the 14th at our regular monthly Union meeting your

committee will give a complete update on the negotiations. We are faced with

some difficult decisions in the near future, and these will all be discussed

at this meeting. At this critical time everyone’s future could be impacted by

the decisions the Union makes, and your input is necessary for us to


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LEMC Agreement

I did meet with the company on Friday. At this meeting the company did

inform me they are looking at reducing our numbers by one hundred and

thirty seven {137} jobs. This is going be done by job outsourcing and job

eliminations. The job outsourcing will be look at by the same process we

used in the cin-10 program. The jobs being eliminated by the company will

be done by reducing crews in the production team areas of the plants.

They said they are reducing the crews from five to four at each plant. The

other three areas were jobs are being eliminated could be accomplished by

attrition, but there is no guarantee. What is the most troubling part about

this whole situation is the company said they may need to layoff our members

to accomplish their goals. The company did say they would still honor the

LEMC agreement that we enter into last year when looking to outsourcing

our work. Below is a link to the paperwork they gave me Friday afternoon.

The company could not answer many questions we ask at this meeting. We

will be discussing this issue with the company during negotiations.

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Union and Company Met

The Union and Company met today and made significant progress. It was

determined that there will be no changes to our vacation and personal

days. In addition no one will be forced into the cash balance retirement

plan during these negotiations. While there are still difficult issues

remaining on the table, such as health care, short term disability, vacation

banking towards the pension; the Union believes this was a big step

towards a contract that is fair to both sides. The parties will negotiate again

on Thursday and we will keep you inform on the results. The Union Truth

Phone Line will be updated during negotiations, the number is 513-981-0010.

You will be able to leave messages to the Union Negotiating Committee on

this line.

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Meeting – December 13, 2005

The regular Union Membership meeting for December has been

changed. The meeting was scheduled for December 13, 2005, but has

been changed by a vote of the membership present at the Oct

meeting. The December meeting will be on Saturday December 10,

  1. The membership meeting will begin at 12:00pm, the party will

begin immediately after the meeting.

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