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Contract Negotiations

I have been approached by the Company concerning contract

negotiations. They have requested that we start the negotiation

process early than normal, generally we would start negotiations in

February of next year. I have had discussions with our International

Representative and our Executive Board. Both have express their

favorable opinions with moving forward with early negotiations. I was

contacted today by the Company, they said they would like to start the

first of December. I have agreed to starting our negotiations in

December. I will start scheduling meetings for our negotiating

committee to meet and formulating our contract proposals. The

Union’s negotiating Committee will be Steve Feldhaus, Kenzie Baker,

Kenny Gross, Don Reilly, Dan Amshoff, Wayne Napier and Dave


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IBEW Shareholder Proposal

I have been talking with the IBEW Utility Dept in Washington about our

situation here in Cincinnati with Duke Energy. The elimination of jobs

and the ongoing outsourcing of our jobs to out of town non-union

contractors. It is time to stand up and fight back with every means

possible. The Director of the Utility Dept suggested that we submit a

shareholder proposal for the next shareholders meeting concerning

the golden parachutes offered to the executives of Duke Energy. The

proposal has been submitted (see the proposal below). Officials from

Duke Energy has contacted Jim Voye in the IBEW Research Dept

asking to meet with him to discuss the proposal. A meeting has been

scheduled for August 9, 2006 in Washington. I will be attending this

meeting. More than ever we need to stand united for our jobs.

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Contract Explanation

The meetings to explain the company’s best and final offer to the

Membership will be Wednesday night April 5, 2006 at 7:30pm, and on

Thursday morning April 6, 2006 at 8:30am for the shift workers. The

Wednesday night meeting will be at the Local 647 UAW Hall at 10020 Reading

Road, Evendale, Ohio. The Thursday morning meeting will be at our Union

Hall at 4100 Colerain Ave. Please try to arrange your schedule to attend one

of these meetings. Times and places for voting will be announced later.


Directions to Local 647 UAW Hall — If you are coming north on I-75 take

Exit#14/oh-126 onto Glendale Milford Rd towards Evendale. Take this road

until you reach the Reading Road Intersection, turn right (south) on

Reading Road and go 0.5 to 0.6 mile the Hall will be on the left.

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Contract Extension

We have enter into a contract extension with the company. This extension

will be through April 21, 2006,

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